So you write comedy and real stuff about music?

Well, yeah. That's kind of my thing.

Will you write something for me?

Maybe. Email me at and we'll talk.

Where do you live?

New York, New York. The city so nice, they named it two times. 

What kicked off your comedy writing career?

When the great Wayne Federman took a chance on me and Jimmy Fallon said one of my jokes during the monologue of the 10th episode of his talk show on Friday, March 20th, 2009. 

Who else have you written comedy on television for?

SNL's Weekend Update. Jay Leno's Tonight Show. The Creative Arts Emmy Awards. (All freelance.) The Onion News Network. Some stuff for MTV. The Teen Choice Awards. (All in-house.)

You write a lot about music. What genres are you into?

EVERYTHING! Having said that, I only write about music that I'd actually listen to. (Sorry, polka artists.)

What kicked off your career writing about music?

Talking to Lorde for the New York Times right before she exploded. 

Who have been your favorite interviews? 

Charlie Puth for American Songwriter and Hamilton's Anthony Ramos for Teen Vogue are two that immediately come to mind. 

What happened to the Mayan civilization? It was huge and kind of just disappeared...

No one quite knows for sure. Some historians think a combination drought and deforestation ruined their food and water supply, and everyone just relocated elsewhere. Others theorize that their people were abducted by an alien race and are living happily on the planet Nibiru.