In the winter of 2014, I put together a spoof of an educational video for Funny or Die. It's a lesson on the Great Depression, designed to capture the attention of today's youth. The editors at Funny or Die were cool enough to feature it on their homepage. 


Here's another for Funny or Die. It's a parody opening sequence for a fake controversial movie from the 40s.

In the spring of 2015, I was brought aboard to help brainstorm, write, and storyboard a series of five videos for European music superstar Stromae.

It was pretty dope. 


The videos are in advance of his big show at Madison Square Garden, so the first one was shot guerrilla style around New York City. 

The challenge was translating Stromae's unique European humor for American audiences and finding a way to stylishly shoot around Manhattan on a shoestring budget.

(The entire crew consisted of me, a camera guy, the producer, and a fabulous director from Belgium.)